The sales at Bouygues Telecom: the 100 GB mobile plan without commitment at only €12.99/month

The Very B&You special series is already back at Bouygues Telecom! Until January 17, 2022, the operator is promoting its four non-binding mobile plans. The opportunity to take advantage of the 100 GB package offered at only €12.99/month.

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Everyone wants to save money and reduce the cost of their mobile subscription. However, this should not be an excuse to compromise on the quality of the network and that of customer service. To combine affordable prices and quality service, it is better to take out a subscription with incumbent operators such as Bouygues Telecom and choose the promotional periods. Prices are often at their lowest and you also benefit from a stable network.

With its special Very B&You series, Bouygues Telecom allows new customers to subscribe to a non-binding and inexpensive mobile plan. You have the choice between four offers including 200 MB to 200 GB of mobile data. It’s up to you to choose the offer that suits your needs and your budget. But do it before Monday, January 17, 2022 to benefit from an immediate discount on your subscription and save money.

A 100 GB package at €12.99 on the Bouygues Telecom network

On promotion, a 100 GB plan generally costs around 10€/month. By signing with Bouygues Telecom, however, you benefit from some additional advantages that are worth it: a quality network available even in remote areas, responsive customer service and a price that does not change after the first year of subscription.

The mobile plan itself is also very interesting. Remember that it is non-binding and can therefore be terminated at any time. Otherwise, it is also a very complete offer that will surely satisfy all your needs.

First, the offer offers a web envelope of 100 GB in 4G. Excellent, the connection speed will allow you to watch your Netflix series/movies and YouTube videos without interruption. With all this internet volume, you can also download content and share your connection with those around you if necessary.

Then, you are entitled to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to communicate as much as you want with your relatives, friends and colleagues.

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Finally, of the 100 GB of data offered to you, 15 GB can be used from Europe and the overseas departments in case you go on a trip to these areas.

The other three promotions available at Bouygues Telecom

What the B&You 100 GB package offers does not really correspond to what you are looking for? Perhaps you will find what you need among the three other non-binding packages available from Bouygues Telecom. They are also on sale until January 17:

  • 200 MB package at €4.99/month;
  • 40 GB package at €9.99/month;
  • 200 GB package at €14.99/month.

Each offer includes unlimited calls and a dedicated internet envelope for abroad.

What you must remember

  • – B&You 100 GB plan on sale at €12.99/month at Bouygues Telecom;
    – Offer valid until January 17, 2022.

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