The sale of OL puts OM KO

The sale of OM has been discussed for several years, but at OL, in a few months, the club has changed owners. At an unexpected level in France.

Everything was formalized at the start of the week, with the arrival of John Textor, who will hold more than 60% of the shares of the Rhone club, and even much more after the recapitalization of OL. The American businessman takes power peacefully, since he lets Jean-Michel Aulas manage the club for the next few years. Even if, of course, the emblematic Rhone leader is no longer the one and only boss of OL. Nevertheless, this takeover of OL is currently causing a rather positive momentum around the Lyon team. Sports economist Christophe Lepetit understands this positive valuation around Lyon very well, and even finds that the financial operation as a whole is simply impressive. Only PSG in France could have done better.

Only PSG can do better

The club is valued at almost 800 ME before the capital increase, which is very important compared to the French market. We have not reached such figures for the other clubs sold in whole or in part on the French market. Excluding PSG, valued at 2.5 billion euros, I would be surprised if another club could reach such a valuation as OL, including OM. Lyon is the only club to have made a complete strategy, around Euro 2016, where others did not risk it, such as Nice, Bordeaux, Marseille. Beyond being a more or less successful L1 football club, OL is also a company that owns a very interesting real estate asset, with prospects for generating income, including if tomorrow’s sports season is less prolific. “, confided the leader of the center of law and the economy of sport in Limoges, who therefore validates 100% this arrival of John Textor as boss of an OL which, with this new boss, the CVC, the Arena and improving sports results, can look to the future with peace of mind.

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