The sad story of Kaya, the kitten with a facial anomaly that nobody wants to adopt

This will move you. Normally those dogs or cats that suffer from some disease, disability or anomaly have more difficulties to be adopted into a home. Many of them spend months or even years in animal shelters and some are never even adopted.

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This is the case of Kaya, a five-and-a-half-month-old kitten with a facial condition who is looking for a home to take her in. The feline is “Incredibly sweet”, as stated by his caregivers from the charity organization The Ontario Rescue, based in the town of Montclair, California, United States.

No adoption requests

Despite being “loving and playful”, Kaya is having trouble finding a home and you have not received an adoption request yet for having a facial abnormality that makes her look different. A fact that has greatly concerned her caregivers who want to find a family for the kitten.

To change this, The Ontario Rescue has launched a Facebook adoption campaign to find him a home. “Not only is she the cutest kitten of all time, but it’s incredibly sweet. Everyone who knows her falls in love with her “, they wrote about Kaya on their account.

“She is so deserving of a wonderful forever home. Kaya has received no requestsWe hope that his story continues to be shared so that he can find his forever home. “their caretakers explained. In addition, she is sterilized, vaccinated and tested negative for leukemia and IVF.

A home for Kaya

A campaign with which the shelter has asked people see beyond facial blemishes of the feline and give it a chance to enjoy a home. The result has been a great success, the publication has been shared more than 25,000 times and has almost 10,000 comments.

“She is beautiful just the way she is!” or “I can’t imagine anyone not wanting it. She is such a beautiful kitten. And I would love her very much ”, have been some of the comments that the Facebook publication has received. Judging from the post, Kaya can probably find a home soon.

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