The Russo brothers and David Weil author a miniseries on the FTX scandal for Prime Video

The Russo brothers will re-team with Hunters writer David Weil to produce a miniseries about the FTX scandal to be made for Prime Video.

THE Russo brothers will join forces with David Weilcreator of the Hunters series, to make a series about the FTX scandal.
The project will be made for the Amazon Prime Video platform and will consist of eight episodes.

The miniseries will tell the story of the end of the bitcoin business and the story of Sam Bankman-Fried, founder and CEO of FTX.
David Weil previously collaborated with Joe and Anthony Russo on Citadel and will now be creator and writer of the pilot. The two directors could be busy behind the camera, however this detail has not yet been confirmed.

Citadel, will the Russo Brothers’ Amazon series be one of the most expensive ever?

Apple appears to be working on another project on the subject, in that case based on the book Michael Lewis wrote on the subject after spending six months together with Sam Bankman-Fried. Hollywood seems particularly interested in the cryptocurrency scandal and another project based on the article written by Graham Moore for New York Magazine on the subject also seems to be in development.

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