The romance of Adriana Aguirre and Paco Amoroso: the singer made fun of Ricardo García

the romance between adriana aguirre Y loving paco surprised the entire music scene as well as the show business. The former vedette confirmed that she was dating a 25-year-old boysa who called him “Paquito” and all eyes fell on the artist, since they shared a video clip together.

Now, the ragpicker decided to capitalize on this moment and made a song that he posted on his social networks talking about it. With a homemade video full of memes, he included the audio that Aguirre sent him about the media repercussion, as well as a dedication to Ricardo Garcia.

“I stole your girl” Paco is heard saying as he puts a photo of the media and an emoji on his face.

Paco Amoroso, in love with Adriana Aguirre.

Paco Amoroso’s video about his romance with Adriana Aguirre

The audio of Adriana Aguirre to Paco Amoroso

In an audio that he shared in his stories, Ricardo García’s ex tells him singer: “Everyone is talking about a romance between you and me. They ask me and they ask me and they ask me. Do you think I should deny it?“. Amoroso used it in his song, at the beginning of the theme.

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