The Roman Empire: what is the Netflix miniseries that is all the rage right now about?


Netflix has a series that never stops being all the rage: The Roman Empire. Know what it is about and why it is so chosen.

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It’s been a while since Netflix has been reaping a great and unmatched repertoire of miniseries. In its catalog it is the short fiction that, apparently, attracts a lot of viewers’ attention and, for this reason, the streaming giant continues to bet on them. In fact, the great proof of this is that in recent days one of the productions of this type captivated the audience in unique ways and continues to grow.

Is about The Roman Empire, a miniseries that works in a documentary format and that does not stop attracting the attention of fans. This is because it tells one of the most shocking stories in the world and it is neither more nor less than the fall of the Roman empire. A milestone that undoubtedly marked a before and after in the world. Find out everything about this fiction and why it’s all the rage right now on Netflix.

+ The Roman Empire, the Netflix miniseries that is all the rage:

The Roman Empire It originally premiered in 2016, but it was its arrival on Netflix that led it to cross borders. Starring Sean Bean, Aaron Jakubenko and Edwin Wright who do an unparalleled job, the strip does not stop attracting attention. It is that the historical moment that it recounts is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting. Combining drama, action and of course with a period setting is a rage.

What is it about? The official synopsis of The Roman Empire reveals: “An elegant fusion between documentary and historical epic that narrates the splendid, turbulent and ferocious era of the empires of Commodus, Julius Caesar and Caligula”. And this, of course, is what the viewers love the most, who were impressed not only with the plot, but also with the level of production that this series has.

The strip has a total of three seasons in which all of them relate to a different historical moment, but all of them focus on the Roman Empire.. The protagonists of these editions of course are Comfortable, Julius Caesar and Caligula. What’s more, a lot of interest has been generated in each of the real protagonists and, in turn, enthusiasm to learn more about this strip that, in its entirety, lasts 48 minutes. Well, all editions have only five episodes each.

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