"The Rock of Morfi" will have a special broadcast for the Martín Fierro 2022: the details

After the death of Gerardo Rozin, “Morphi’s Rock” reissued with the conduction of Jay Mammonwho joined Jessica Cirio and rest of the team. After several Sundays of music and food, The arrival of the Martín Fierro 2022 caused the usual structure of the Telefe program to be modified.

As reported the Pavada from Daily Chronicle, the cycle will have a cell phone from the kitchen of the Hilton “spying” on the menu of the night which was chosen very carefully by experts. The celebrities who were invited expect to spend a dream evening, especially since there has been no television awards ceremony for a long time.

“Morphi’s Rock” You have to get it to allow the chef to show the cooking of the dishes. Especially for you to see and check Giorgini Santiago, red meat lover and member of the team, how he cooks the lamb and then find out if the 5-star chef has another method.

For the inevitable musical part of the program, they will be The Pimpinela, Rubén Rada and Benito Cerati that promise to liven up Sunday noon. The aggregate that adds Jay Mammon it seems to be important for different artists to accept the invitation.

The night will be all for the ceremony of the Martin Fierro 2022 which will air after of the debut of “The Last Passenger” with driving Flor Vigna and Nico Occhiatothe first work project that the couple will share after their separation.

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