The Rock and Pokémon Crossover Goes Viral Because It’s Too Bizarre

A Twitter user went viral by revealing his own sculpture, which is simply bizarre. The creation is a mix of a Pokémon with Dwayne Johnson, the Rock.

The Pokémon in question is the Eevee. The tweet joke is that the sculpture is an evolution of the little monster rock – which has evolutions for different elements.

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“Finally, an evolution of Eevee to the rock type (Rock)”, states the caption. But, in the image, the Pokémon has the face of Dwayne Johnson.

On Twitter, the image received nearly 190,000 likes. Check out this very bizarre crossover below.

The Rock turned down three sequels to popular movies

Producer Hiram Garcia, Dwayne Johnson’s close collaborator, The Rock, confessed that the star turned down at least three sequels. All would be from popular movies by the actor himself.

To Collider, the producer commented that The Rock has become very selective with the projects they want. With that, he turned down ideas for films that had already had a story told.

In this case, Hiram Garcia revealed the denials for sequels to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Earthquake: The San Andreas Fault, and Rampage: Total Destruction.

“In all of these movies, the studios were asking for a sequel, but we all felt, ‘Look, we’ve told a great version of the story. Now, we want to tell a different one’”, declared the producer.

Among the projects chosen at the place were Alerta Vermelho, which was released on Netflix, and Adão Negro, a film by DC heroes that still hits theaters in 2022.

Pokémon, mentioned above, can be found on Netflix.

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