The return of Super Mario: "The Draghi agenda? Responses and credibility".

He will also be a prime minister for “ordinary administration” and current affairs, but Draghi does not retire the role of SuperMario. And he makes it clear in no uncertain terms, in the pre-holiday press conference, not skimping on sarcasm. “I wish that all the wishes and dreams of those who have to make the electoral campaign come true”, he said with an ill-concealed half smile. Draghi, accompanied only by the most faithful ministers, such as Daniele Franco and Roberto Cingolani, emphatically blesses the new Aid Decree which rises to 17 billion: “A provision of extraordinary proportions”. And he doesn’t hesitate to advise that the package for families and businesses he will not be the last, to threaten a crackdown on energy companies that “evade” taxation on extra-profits, to make it known that its executive will decide on the privatization of Ita. And then he explains that the “annual growth acquired so far is equal to 3.4%, more than estimated for the whole of 2022: a truly extraordinary growth,” because we will grow more than France and Germany “, even if there are clouds on the horizon. with forecasts “worrying for the future”.

Aid Decree bis, here is what the government provides and measures

Claim that gas storage is 74% . He insists on “succeeding in giving the next government the achievement of all of this year’s objectives”. And if it is true that “not meeting the PNRR objectives undermines the credibility of the country, I am sure that whatever the next government will be will respect the objectives”. The heart of the Draghian pride is, however, what has become the mythical Agenda. “When I started I didn’t have a Dragons diary – it fades – which is made up of answers to problems, of goals achieved. It is difficult to say that there is an agenda: they are the ready answers to the problems that arise. Prompt response and credibility: the government had internal and international credibility, because having high international credit is very important “. Of course, therefore, the background that led to its fall remains.” We cannot ignore – he continues – the problems we have , from the expensive life, to inflation, to the expensive energy and other materials, to the difficulties of supply, the widespread precariousness and, of course, political uncertainty. “The point is that the decree passed yesterday did not leave everyone satisfied. postponement of the fiscal delegation to September appeared to many observers as a way to bury it. But, mainly, there was an outcry from the school unions against a novelty inserted at the last minute in the package. It is the figure of the “expert teacher” (maximum 8,000) who will earn 5,650 euros a year more in the form of an “ad personam annual check”, over 400 euros more a month than other teachers.

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