The return of bold black eyeliner makeup: beauty expert tells the secret to looking bold!

O outlined is a makeup darling for many women and has gained different versions in different fashion seasons: recently, it is the bold outlinedthat thicker and blocked version is the one that is highlighted.

Different national and international fashionistas bet on this look and, purepeoplemakeup artist Diego Aucky, from Werner Maison, tells more about this bold and authentic trend.

“I think that fashion will catch on faster than we can imagine. We are coming out of a season where colors were very explored, which ends up tiring and the trend is for fashion to go to the opposite extreme. In this case, black”, points.

How to make black eye in makeup with blocked eyeliner?


According to the beauty expert, this beauty trend rides the wave of the Y2K aesthetic, with the return of elements from the 2000s – such as the low waist and Barbiecore. “To reproduce, the eyeliner in gel is the best option, because it spreads more easily”, explains the makeup artist.

The specialist also teaches the step by step for those who want to join the trend: “With the help of a thin brush apply the product all over the eyelid, but extending a little to the outside of the outer and inner corners”, he indicates. If necessary, apply additional layers to maintain pigmentation. Below, you can find more inspirations to join the bold outline!

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