The retro photo of L-Ghent and his girlfriend, Tamara Báez: "Red and little cut on the eyebrow"

The love story between L-Ghent Y Tamara Baez It started years ago when they went to school. Since then and after many twists and turnsthe couple consolidated their romance and they had a daughter, Jamaica. But the lovebirds began their romance when they were not yet known and their appearance was different.

On this occasion, the 22-year-old influencer shared a retro photo with the singer of “Cumbia 420” with her followers and was surprised by how they looked. Through her social networks, the young woman was shocked when a fan flattered her by telling her that everything looked good on her and she responded with an unpublished image from two years ago with her partner in which they had the same look.

In the story, Tamara recalled when with her daughter’s father they dyed their hair red and even cut their eyebrows: “Colorados we were at that time and little cut on the eyebrow“.

L-Gante and Tamara Baez have known each other for five years.

Tamara Baez and L-Ghent They started their romance five years ago when they were schoolmates and a mutual friend introduced them. “She was a schoolmate of a friend of mine, one of my good friends from the neighborhood. And nothing, I liked her and she didn’t pay attention to me“recalled the singer in an interview.

At one point she did give me a little attention and we got together with her and my friend, we met, everything, and that’s how it was. Then I started hanging out with her without my friend. We came and went so many times that we no longer have an anniversary, let’s say“, closed the artist.

Video: the looks of Tamara Báez, the girlfriend of L-Gante

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