The resignation of Le Graët requested from the FFF!

Noël Le Graët is increasingly in turmoil. After remarks to Zinedine Zidane which provoked many reactions, several major players in French football demanded the resignation of the one who holds the position of president of the French Football Federation. The National Ethics Council of the FFF also calls for the withdrawal of the former mayor of Guingamp.

This statement by Noël Le Graët may be fatal for the president of the FFF, who has been in place for more than 10 years and who is obviously not supported by anyone. While a cExtraordinary executive committee must meet on Wednesday January 11 to discuss the exit of Le Graët, it is the National Council of Ethics of the FFF which requests the resignation of the boss of the France team. In an interview with the newspaper l’Équipe, Patrick Anton claimed the departure of the former Chairman and CEO of the Professional Football League (LFP)

The National Ethics Council of the FFF calls for the resignation of Le Graët

“We call on the president of the Federation to withdraw from office and therefore to resign. We need a power that is strong and serene, which unfortunately is no longer the case. Regarding the president of the Federation, if obviously we do not intend to seize a disciplinary committee, we can only ask him to withdraw, in the best interests of football. But we are not going to spoil the good financial and sporting results of the FFF with a soap opera that comes more from the page of miscellaneous facts than from the football section. It takes serenity to move on. President Le Graët made remarks which show that he has lost some of his lucidity. He is a man who is tired, who needs to move on. Govern a Federation which has two million licensees supposes that one does not lose his calm and his serenity as he did “ confided the former referee, now boss of the National Ethics Council of the FFF. Time seems to be running out for Noël Le Graët, visibly with his back to the wall.

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