The report cards of the government crisis: pass and fail

Rome, 21 July 2022 – Government crisis: passed and rejected after the grueling day spent in the Senate. These are the report cards of the political protagonists.

Mario Draghi 5.5

If he really wanted to find a way to quit, the moves were right. Otherwise the chosen path was not very effective. He stiffened the tone and used an unpolitical register. In any case, he left the work halfway. From after the Colle match it seems as if he couldn’t wait for everything to end. Fed up

Sergio Mattarella 8

Mattarella had felt the storm coming, and had moved in time. He had supported Draghi and made the right moves to give the premier every chance. Like giving him seven days. He had exercised his moral suasion, made everyone understand that there would be no games. But there is no worse deaf than someone who does not want to hear. More than this…

Giuseppe Conte 4

The M5 Stars kicked off the crisis by not voting for confidence last week. Then he kicked off a week of surreal troubles, threatening one split a day and making none. Now it hangs in the balance. Confused

Enrico Letta 6-

Enrico Letta suffered the initiative of the 5S, and was unable to stem it. He has tried to save what can be saved but his wide field is compromised. He tried to avoid the elections, but Conte’s indictment left no room. Now they are problems. Worried

Matteo Renzi 6.5

The leader of IV proved to be a perfect short tournament player. In these games he is always the best. He had long ago understood that the 5S are unreliable (they had listened to it at the Democratic Party …) and he has put himself on the other side. Now the hard part begins for him: with 2.5 it’s hard. Shiny

Luigi Di Maio 5

Much ado about nothing. With the split, the foreign minister started the subsequent landslide of the grillini doc. Which precipitated the government he belongs to. The election campaign will not be easy for him. Polls nail it to 1.5 percent.
Missed shot

Matteo Salvini 5.5

The Captain wanted the elections and (maybe) will have them. The risk for him is to get there with the match in hand, and with half a party against. However, he forced it because he feels too much pressure from Meloni. He who knows what the entrepreneurs of the North think of him gambling on him … At risk

Silvio Berlusconi 5.5

The Cav has never been a man of breaking up, but this time it has broken in a way that is also quite unusual compared to the way in which Fi has taken part in the Draghi government. He let himself be towed by the hardest wing of Fi, the one close to Salvini, and not by the generally negotiating one (Letta). Incomprehensible

Carlo Calenda 6

Calenda has bet on a lonely race, and so looks all in all with some nonchalance with what is happening. But if the “traditional” parties roll up on themselves, he has nothing but to gain. Of course the Rosatellum does not help him. Hopeful

Giorgia Meloni 7

Giorgia Meloni (Ansa)

Minimum expense, maximum yield. You waited for the (political) corpse on the river bank, and the (political) corpse arrived. Now the hard part comes for her. Leading a coalition is not leading, it will take a qualitative leap. And it will not be enough to look at the polls.
On the launch pad

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