The Reef 2: the killer shark is back in the trailer for the sequel

“The Reef: Stalked”, the sequel to “The Reef” film, unfolds through a tense first trailer with a great white shark chasing a group of friends. The first images can be seen above.

The Reef Stalked: the sequel to The Reef is revealed

Since Jaws by Steven Spielberg released in 1976, films about killer sharks have multiplied. But few have finally managed to really stand out. In recent years, we can cite Open Water, 47 Meters Down, Survival instinct or The Reef. The latter, released in 2011, presented a treatment realistic and scary of a shark attack. Eleven years later, the suite called The Reef Stalked is revealed with an agonizing first trailer (visible in one article).

The Reef Stalked © ProdigyMovies

Still directed by the Australian Andrew Traucki, this sequel takes up the ingredients of the first part. The story follows Nic, a traumatized woman by the murder of his sister, who decides, to change her mind, to treat herself to a kayaking getaway with her friends. But only a few hours after the start of the adventure, a great white shark chases them. Nic will have no choice but to overcome his trauma in order to survive.

The trailer for the film promises a breathtaking thriller, with once again, a realistic shark (and not in computer-generated images). At the moment, no French release date has been announced. The film could land straight to videoor on a platform.

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