The reason why Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi did not separate: "There are many millions at stake"

After the scandal of infidelity with the China Suarez, Wanda Nara y Mauro Icardi They gave their marriage a new chance and bet on love and the family that unites them. Much has been said about this controversy, especially about the decision of the businesswoman to forgive her husband and leave what happened behind.

On the show’s debut Sabrina Rojas and Tucu López, “Paired”, Juan Etchegoyen unveiled the alleged reasons why the blonde and the soccer player did not separate. They had forgotten about the Wanda Gate. Do you want to know the reason why Wanda and Icardi appear on social networks together and super in love?“, advancement.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi spent the holidays with their children in Buenos Aires.

“The information that comes to me from Paris is that they appear on the networks in love, but there is a contract that is not signed but is verbal between them, that says they have to be more romantic than ever because there are millions at stake “, affirmed the journalist from Radio Miter.

Then, Etchegoyen provided more information about the businesses that the couple has, since the businesswoman is Icardi’s manager. “It is not only the advertisements that hire them but also, the PSG in the middle that has a contract with Wanda Nara herself

For its part, Débora D’Amato added: “There is a public limited company whose owner is Wanda Nara. Everything that has to do with image contracts, which are more important than the contract with PSG itself, are in her name. So in the hypothetical case that is They will separate, she knows that she stays all “.

“I said it from the first moment that the relationship is over, the issue is when are they going to end it “, concluded the driver of “Mitre Live”.

Look what they said about the contract between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

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