The reason Bridgerton’s Claudia Jessie doesn’t have social media


Claudia Jessie, interpreter of Eloise in Bridgerton, is a person completely unrelated to social networks and explained why.

The reason why Bridgerton's Claudia Jessie doesn't have social media.
© NetflixThe reason why Bridgerton’s Claudia Jessie doesn’t have social media.

claudia jessie has an extensive resume as an actress from 2012 onwards, but there is no doubt that the great leap to popularity has been achieved by obtaining the role of Eloise in Bridgertonstreaming service original series Netflix. Her character is one of the fan favorites but sadly they can’t follow the actress as does not have social networks. Why?

Her character is the fifth daughter of the Bridgerton family and in the two seasons of the show she has earned the affection of the public, in the midst of her evolutions. At the moment there are two more confirmed installments and she, according to the novels, will continue as secondary, since her role would only take place in part 5. Apparently, Claudia She was fascinated by her role, as she stated that she will play it as long as they allow it.

+ Why doesn’t Claudia Jessie have social networks?

Phoebe Dynevor, Rege-Jean Page and Jonathan Bailey These are some of the names of his companions who were part of the adaptation of Julia Quinn’s novels and enjoyed an extra that was to increase their number of followers on Instagram, where they currently have millions of fans. Nevertheless, Jessie’s life is completely different from theirs, since she has chosen to move away from virtuality for various reasons.

As he said in a conversation with Yahoo! styleprefers to stay out of the world of networks for his mental health: “I always forget that it’s surprising to people. I haven’t had social media since I was a teenager, for the simple fact that I would like to preserve my mental clarity as much as possible.”. Then he added: “I think that if I am in the networks, I would not feel very happy, and my mental health means everything to me”.

Lastly, he explained: “Networks can be pretty extreme and not regulated enough for the ‘pinball’ machine that is my mind. I keep it cool and it’s great because it gives me a lot of free time. If I used them, I’d spend a lot of time on them.”. However, in a video for Netflix Latin America, she stated that had MySpace at the time, but the best thing was not being there anymore.

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