The real names of those from the other block, the villains of Los Chicos del Barrio

In the mid 90’s, Cartoon Network it became the home of countless cartoons that eventually became classics. Dexter’s lab, The Powerpuff Girls O Johnny Bravo were some of the fictions with which the signal made a place among other channels of as much weight as Nickelodeon O Fox and Warner Channel, with its infantile segments. Years later, his production level increased exponentially and he became a beacon of animation.

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In 2002, Tom Warburton presented the pilot of a curious series called KND: The boys from the neighborhood, which quickly caught the attention of executives. With that episode, he gained enough confidence to be commissioned for six seasons of what ended up being this fiction, starring entirely by children under the age of ten.

KND: The boys from the neighborhood was framed within the genre of spies and was headed by five children who called themselves (as if they were heirs of James Bond) by numbers that ranged from 1 to 5. His goal was to end the world ruled by adults who do not understand minors and want to impose their visions and their ways of leading their lives on them.

Among the most remembered villains of KND: The boys from the neighborhood, there were some that stood out particularly. Were The ones from the other block, who most of the time called themselves that and their first names were rarely heard. Nevertheless, Warburton He was in charge of assigning them names and they were: Bruce, the shortest and blond; Lenny, wearing a helmet; David, who was tall and dark-haired; Ashleytall and blonde; and Ogie who was the girl with brown hair and her real name was Constance.

The Moxy Show, the first original series

The series that fans of Cartoon Network they owe everything to him The Moxy Show, that although it is not the most remembered of the signal, it was the one that started it all. It was the first production created entirely by the channel and began broadcasting in November 1993, almost 30 years ago. It was a 3D animation that aired as an intermission of classic cartoons and aired on Cartoon Network until November 1995.

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