The Rainbow Majority in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation rejects a PTB proposal to ban advertising for schools

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For the Marxist formation, the freedom which schools enjoy today to buy advertising space reinforces the “school market” situation and sharpens the segregation of students.

Without the possibility of advertising, “all establishments would find themselves on an equal footing,” defended Ptbiste MP Jean-Pierre Kerckhofs.

“Today it is obviously the largest structures that have more resources to make themselves known. We have to get the message across that a school doesn’t sell like a bar of soap! “

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The PTB’s proposed decree suggested that, in the absence of publicity, parents should instead receive an exhaustive list of nearby schools, with the names of the establishments, their address, telephone number and internet address, as well as educational streams and the orientations proposed for secondary schools.

Presented Tuesday in the Education committee of the Parliament, the text was however rejected by the majority PS-MR-Ecolo, as well as the opposition cdH.

Rather than an outright ban, opponents of the text advocated a cap on these advertising costs.

Several members of the majority also said they feared certain detrimental effects of a total ban on advertising, in particular for schools which suffer from a low enrollment rate.

Faced with these various remarks, the PTB said it was open to any amendment proposal from the other parties, but without success.

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