The Raid: Michael Bay to produce a remake for Netflix

The action film “The Raid” will be entitled to an American remake produced by Michael Bay for Netflix. The direction was entrusted to Patrick Hughes, director of “The Expendables 3” and “Hitman and Bodyguard”.

The Raid, a reference for the fight

The real ones know that in the genre of action movies The Raid is placed very high. Directed by Gareth Evans and released in 2012, the Indonesian film is a real slap in the face. Starting from a rather basic scenario (an elite police unit finds itself in a building full of outlaws and must progress from floor to floor), the director relied on a dynamic staging and perfectly choreographed fights. It’s simple, in front The Raid, one takes pure pleasure in seeing two clans castrate relentlessly. It’s raw, violent and absolutely enjoyable.

The result also owes a lot to its performers, including Iko Uwais, revealed by this film before returning for The Raid 2. It will also soon be in Expendables 4. Finally, although the film did not attract many people when it was released in theaters, it made a small reputation afterwards with the illegal download – which is obviously damaging for the distributor.

A remake planned on Netflix

Ten years later, we are still talking about The Raid. Not for a third opus (unfortunately), but because Deadline announces thata remake would be in preparation on the Netflix side. The streaming platform brought together a lot of people for the occasion. Indeed, the production of the film was entrusted to Michael Bay and XYZ Films (the company behind the original film). No need to introduce the director who is used to blowing everything up on his film sets. For his part, Gareth Evans should be offered an executive producer role.

The Raid ©XYZ Films

Finally, on the production side, it’s Patrick Hughes who was hired. The latter recently staged Expendables 3 (2014) before directing Hitman and Bodyguard (2017) and its sequel (2021). His next film, The Man from Toronto, is due out this year. He should therefore be able to get down to the remake of The Raid very soon, even if no release date has been indicated.

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