‘The question was Marina’: why do netizens speculate that Alexandre Negrao’s family had problems with the actress?

Separated from Marina Ruy Barbosa since January last year, Alexandre Negrão started a relationship with model and influencer Elisa Zarzur (+ learn more about the girl!). Between declarations of love and even speculation about marriage, a comment made by the young woman on social networks caught the attention of netizens.

+ Marina Ruy Barbosa posts photo with new boyfriend and resemblance to Alexandre draws attention from the web

Since dating was assumed, Alexandre and Elisa do not hide photos and details of the romance on social networks. Such exposure caught the attention of a netizen on TikTok. “I wonder what his family thinks of this exhibition”, fired the follower. “They are here too! No problem!” replied Zarzur.


Elisa’s answer led several internet users to believe that Alexandre Negrão’s family had a problem with his ex-wife, Marina Ruy Barbosa. All this because in December 2020, a month before the divorce was announced, information circulated in the press that the boy’s relatives didn’t like the media exposure of their wedding and that this would have even generated a crisis in the relationship.

According to columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, Marina was banned from posting on social networks while traveling, publish locations of the environments frequented by them and, also, to display images of the family mansions. Also according to the vehicle, they feared that so much exposure would generate tax problems for companies or situations of violence, such as robberies, thefts and kidnappings.

The information that the family would have dealt well with the exposure of the relationship between Alexandre and Elisa brought to light a series of assumptions among Internet users on an Instagram page. “So the question was Marina“, concluded a fan. “In other words, the family just didn’t like Marina,” said another follower. “If one can post, why can’t the other?”, asked a girl.

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