The Queen reveals: The earrings are quite ordinary – bought in Matas

In the basement under Rosenborg Castle, Queen Margrethe’s crown jewels are guarded day and night.

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The jewelery, which is worth millions of kroner individually, may only be worn by Queen Margrethe and only for events in Denmark. Typically, it is during New Year’s sheds and state visits that the Queen finds the particularly expensive jewelery. For the Crown Prince’s wedding in 2004, both the large pearls, the rubies, the emerald set and the brilliant set were picked up from the cellar.

But sometimes it has to be a little simpler – even for a queen.

This can be read in the book ‘A Queen’s Jewelry Box’, which is on the occasion of the Queen’s 50th anniversary reviewing her collection of jewelry.

And it might be hiding a little surprise. For between earrings of gold with pearls, gold with diamonds, crystal and sapphire, a pair of annual rings in cobalt blue plastic also appear.

If you read the text closely, it says that they were bought by the Queen herself in Matas in Gråsten 20 years ago.

The strong blue ear clips have become a regular part of the regent’s jewelery collection.

“I personally think they are beautiful. They are delicious, they are beautiful blue, it is an honest blue color, and it is plastic, but when it is a good quality, it is good, “says the Queen in the book.

For the summer ball at Fredensborg in 2019, the Queen had found the cobalt blue ear studs.  Photo by Klaus Bo Christensen.

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For the summer ball at Fredensborg in 2019, the Queen had found the cobalt blue ear studs. Photo by Klaus Bo Christensen.

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Among other things, she wore the earrings to the summer ball at Fredensborg in 2019, because as she says:

“For me, it’s such a real summer piece of jewelry. I get in the summer mood when I take them out. I often use them with a chain of blue pearls, so they are not real things either, except for real glass, but the chain is at least from my mother’s youth, if it has not also possibly belonged to my grandmother. And it’s a little fun. “

As another fun detail, it can be mentioned that the Queen – despite her large collection of jewelery – does not have a hole in her ears at all. On the other hand, she always wears ear clips, writes TV 2.

So far, it has not been appropriate for a queen to have holes made in her ears, but that is going to change, because Crown Princess Mary has holes in her ears.

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