The Queen announces at Christmas: Alone without children and grandchildren

When December 24th arrives, Queen Margrethe will spend Christmas at Marselisborg in Aarhus, as she has done for many years.

However, Christmas will be without children and grandchildren.

This is what the Royal Palace writes on Instagram.

Here it says that the Queen will celebrate Christmas Eve with her sister Princess Benedikte and private friends at Djursland.

“In December, the Crown Prince family will travel on a private Christmas holiday in Australia to celebrate the holiday together with the Crown Princess’s family. It has been five years since the Crown Prince couple together with their four children last visited the Crown Princess’s homeland,’ it reads.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will also be somewhere other than Denmark when Christmas hits.

“Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, together with their children, will go on a long-planned trip abroad over Christmas.”

It is not reported where the trip is going or whether Prince Nikolaj and Prince Felix are among the children going abroad.

Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie have not seen each other much since the crisis over Prince Joachim’s children’s titles.
Photo: Ida Marie Odgaard

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Nor has the royal family been together much lately.

The crisis in the Royal House over the titles of Prince Joachim’s children has filled much of the recent time, and it was only recently, after several months, that the whole family was gathered afterwards.

It was at an official dinner at Copenhagen City Hall earlier this month on the occasion of the Queen’s 50th regency jubilee, where both the crown prince couple, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, as well as the Queen all met.

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