The Pulga and the Fox

In 1678, he abused the Raven with quatrains. In 2022, to smoke the Pulga, Master Fox chose a good old four-one-four-one. The result is the same: a fable to be taught in all football schools. His moral? Any great player depends on those around him.

Master Messi, on his perched throne,
Held the destiny of a nation.

Master Fox, ironed white shirt,
Made him something like this:

Hey say, Señora Pulga,
How isolated you are! How lonely you seem to me!

Without joking, if your little legs,
Count on passes from De Paul,
From your title dreams we will make kindling.

To these provocations, Leo responds with a peno,
And to handle this one-zero
He swears by two guys: Otamendi-Romero.

The Fox is amused, and says: My good boy,
Know that any champion,

Has a hinge worthy of the name.

Two shots on target, two goals: the handsome Renard exults.
The Pulgaweaned and beaten,
Realized, to his chagrin, that she was playing with buzzards.

By Simon de La Butelle

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