The PTB-PVDA will demonstrate against high energy bills: “People can’t take it anymore”, reacts Raoul Hedebouw

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Under the slogan “Basta! time for a human policy”, the party denounces the exponential rise in energy prices and will lend force to its demand for a reduction in VAT to 6%.

“Energy prices are exploding, people can’t take it anymore. The government’s lack of decisiveness in the midst of an unprecedented energy crisis is shocking. We demand actions, not words. Structural, not temporary. Down with too high energy bills,” says Raoul Hedebouw, president of the PTB-PVDA.

The PTB-PVDA calls for an urgent reduction of the VAT on energy to 6%. A cost that can be paid for by drawing on the huge surplus profits of the energy supplier Electrabel.

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In addition, the party calls for the repeal of the Wage Standards Act 1996, which it calls the Wage Freeze Act.

A third reason why the PTB-PVDA organized the march to Brussels is the government’s approach to the pandemic. “To defeat this virus, we need investments in public services, strong health care and free self-testing to protect us. Stop blaming, punishing and current politics, where with the flick of a finger sectors are shut down by ministerial decision, without democratic debate, without having to answer for it,” Mr Hedebouw said.

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