The PROTECTOR series on a thorny topic: Criticism for the Roma!

Already in 2007, the European Court of Human Rights drew attention to discrimination in the Czech education system. At that time, Roma children made up over half of all students in special schools. In response, the Ministry of Education abolished these schools and partly became so-called inclusive facilities, in which assistants help pupils with special educational needs to catch up with the reserves in the subject matter. However, discipline problems often did not go away. The Protector series too!

The creators of the Defender series were thus able to be inspired by the tense situation in Brno in 2016, when the town hall merged mainly the Roma Merhaut primary school and the inclusive primary school of Jan Amos Komenský due to the reconstruction. At that time, its director, Danuše Filipínská, prevented the possibility of contact between the pupils of the two schools by a rope separating the reserved area, which is why she was accused of racism by the town hall. The school management has changed since then, and thanks to parents’ protests, the two schools have not been permanently merged.

Trailer for the series Defender:

Lukáš Vaculík: A dog domesticated him in the series!

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