The Princess Diaries actress threatens to give up on life and worries fans

Heather Matarazzo, known for her roles in Welcome to the Doll’s House and The Princess Diaries, has fans worried after a series of outbursts on Twitter.

according to the BuzzFeedin tweets since deleted, she threatened to give up on life, saying she felt “tired” and “defeated”.

“I reached my limit with life today. I’ve reached my limit with whatever game the Universe is playing. I finished. I’m tired. I really feel defeated,” the actress wrote.

“I feel lost because I feel like I’ve been doing THE WORK for a long time without complaining. I have absorbed the disappointments, the rejections, etc., and I have stated that the rejection is a redirection. I had continued FAITH in the Universe, but today, something broke. I feel rejected,” she continued.

The actress concluded by saying that she was tired “of fighting just to survive”, asking for just “one victory”.

After that, fans showed support for her, wishing her well and praising her work over the years.

See screenshots of the Princess Diaries actress’ tweets below. The film with Heather Matarazzo is available on Disney+.

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