The Princess and the Plebeian 4: When to premiere and what to expect from the plot

Starring Vanessa Hudgens, Princess and the Plebeia is Netflix’s most popular Christmas franchise. The saga recently released its third movie on the platform, and fans already want to know if the story of Stacy, Margaret and Fiona will have another sequel. Below, we explain everything that is already known about The Princess and the Plebeia 4: its cast, possible plot and debut prediction.

In Princess and the Plebeian 3: The Villains Love Too, the focus is mainly on the story of Fiona, Margaret’s cheating cousin, introduced in the second film in the franchise.

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In the plot, Fiona joins Stacy and Margaret to retrieve the Star of Peace, a priceless treasure stolen during a Christmas party. The character also reconciles with her estranged mother and rekindles her relationship with ex-boyfriend Peter.

As the ending of Princess and the Plebeia 3 leaves the way open for sequel production, it’s a good bet to say that Netflix will give the green light for more sequels.

The Princess and the Plebeian 4 is already confirmed? – Premiere preview

So far, Netflix has not confirmed the production of The Princess and the Plebeia 4. But as Vanessa Hudgens’ franchise is a guarantee of audience for streaming, everything indicates that the platform will bring good news to fans soon.

If Netflix does authorize the production of one more film, the continuation of the story is expected to premiere in late 2022, as part of the platform’s Christmas celebrations.

In other words, fans can look forward to the premiere of A Princesa ea Plebeia 4 in mid-November or December 2022.

Who comes back in Princess and the Plebeian 4?

Vanessa Hudgens will definitely return in Princess and the Plebeian 4 as her three different characters: Stacy, Margaret and Fiona.

Sam Palladio is also expected to return as Edward Wyndham (Stacy’s husband) and Nick Sagar as Kevin Richards (Margaret’s future husband).

Remy Hii, introduced in the third film as Peter Maxwell, Fiona’s ex-boyfriend, may return in the new feature, along with the character’s henchmen, played by Mark Fleischmann, Ricky Norwood and Florence Hall.

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Mia Lloyd, who plays Kevin’s daughter Olivia, may also return, but probably in a small part.

Finally, Amanda Donohoe, who debuts in Princess and the Plebeia 3 as Fiona’s mother Bianca, can reprise her performance.

What is the plot of The Princess and the Plebeia 4 talking about?

As Netflix has yet to confirm the production of The Princess and the Plebeia 4, we don’t know details about the new movie’s plot.

The production, if confirmed, has everything to focus on the eventual marriage of Margaret and Kevin, which has already been confirmed in the third film’s plot.

As Princess and the Plebeian 3 blended romantic comedy elements with heist movie clichés, the fourth film may choose another genre for Margaret, Stacy and Fiona’s plot.

The Princess and the Commoner 3: The Villains Love Too is available on Netflix.

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