The Princes and Princesses of Love 5: The program deprogrammed? We have some info!

Recently, the editor of melty returned to the best moments of season 4 of the Princes and Princesses of love: the marriage proposal from Julien Bert to Hilona, ​​the huge clash of Alix and Isabeau … Soon in broadcast on W9, the fifth edition of the show finds itself at the heart of a controversy that may cost it its audience. The channel and production of the program would be threatened by a boycott on the part of viewers if they decide not to cut Illan, the alleged perpetrator of a sexual assault, from the edit. According to information disclosed by zohra.pookie, the show could be downright deprogrammed.

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zohra. Pookie Reveals Princes Broadcast Info

As a source reported to the Instagram account, the spread of Princes and Princesses of love 5 could be stopped.“Regarding Illan and the princes, for the moment it would not be blurred or cut in the editing, and apparently if the show falls below 300k audience it will be deprogrammed” explained the blogger. A risky decision, since it involves keeping Illan on the show. This choice affirms the positions of the channel which seems to prefer to broadcast the program with the candidate rather than without, even if it means having to withdraw it entirely if the boycott gains momentum.

The majority trend of Internet users

Even if the call to boycott Illan seems to be taking on great proportions on social networks, we can nevertheless see in a survey posted by the blogger shayaratv in story that the majority of Internet users still want to watch the program. 47% of people who voted say they do not want to follow the show against 53% who say they want to watch it anyway. In contrast, under the videos from W9’s Instagram account, the most popular comments are those calling for a boycott of the channel and Illan. So, meltynauts, do you think the program will exceed 300k audiences? While waiting for the answer, you can test your knowledge of The Princes and Princesses of Love with a quiz on all the seasons of the show.

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