The Princes and Princesses of Love 5: Soraya sings to seduce Tristan, the candidates laugh

The Princes and Princesses of Love 5

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In The Princes and Princesses of Love 5, Soraya sang to seduce Tristan but did not convince the candidates, who made fun of her.

In the last episode of Princes and Princesses of Love 5 broadcast on January 13, 2022 on W9, Léna and Adrien exchanged their first kiss. Tristan for his part, chose to spend 24 hours with his contender Soraya. During a coaching with Seby Daddy and Léa Mary, the young man unfortunately realized that the feeling did not really pass between them. Later, after a frenzied dance class, he also used the switch card to be able to find Manon, whom he ended up kissing during a nightclub outing. A heartbreak for Soraya, who had nevertheless given everything in the afternoon to seduce her beau Tristan.

Indeed, during a sequence, the pretty brunette turned into Soraya Dion and sang in front of everyone. To put the odds on her side, she had even put on her best glittery outfit and took out a hairbrush to use as a microphone. But as soon as she started her performance, the contestants started laughing at her.. It must be said that Soraya sings really very out of tune. Fortunately, the latter took it as a joke and was not upset … Phew! On social networks, Internet users were also very amused by the performance of the young woman.

Soraya succeeded in making the Web react

On Twitter, we can read: “Soraya, embarrassment is her favorite playground”, “Soraya the girl is 33 years old, her voice has not finished changing !!”, “I was dying of laughter. It’s been a long time in a reality TV show. Thank you Soraya”, “But Soraya I aooooore lol she’s great “, “They singing on purpose or what’s it like ?? Every time it’s embarrassing”. Here again, the apprentice singer did not cause a sensation and divided the audience. Soraya should rather turn to comedy … In the meantime, this passage has made the Web react a lot!

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