The Princes and Princesses of Love 5: Soraya challenges Tristan to walk in heels, the hilarious sequence of the last episode

The Princes and Princesses of Love 5

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Very discreet since her arrival, Soraya nevertheless made a noticeable entrance (it is the case to say it) by falling from her first seconds in the villa.

Funny things are happening in the Princes and Princesses of Love! After a sequence, unfortunately cut during the editing, where Illan wrote a song to Isabeau to win her back, it’s Prince Tristan’s turn to make us laugh. Indeed, Soraya, one of her suitors, fell on the grass as soon as she arrived because it must have been difficult to walk with heels. We can understand, the grass is clearly not the best place to be able to walk with such high shoes. But the young woman wants to improve and asks Marwa for lessons to become a pro high heels.

Unfortunately, Soraya falls again but still makes progress! As Tristan laughs at his fall, the suitor challenges him to walk with heels on the grass. Marwa has also planned everything since she found heels the size of the Prince and gives him so that he can exercise too. Note that Tristan does not put the shoes right side up, which will give himself a little more difficulty. As funny as he is ridiculous, Tristan walks anyhow and makes a lot of people laugh, including viewers. Even if he does not manage to walk elegantly with it, we will note the effort and the hilarious sequence he gave us.

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Soraya or Manon?

Even though Tristan offers us a very funny sequence, the episode ended on a more serious tone and the Princes and Princesses had to make a choice. Indeed, they had to choose with whom they will spend the next 24 hours. Tristan was forced to choose between Manon and Soraya, his two contenders. Will he choose Manon, she who knew how to seduce him and who won points during the last evening? Or Soraya with whom the current goes well and who does not take the lead? In any case, the Prince had to make a choice that we will discover tomorrow night on W9!

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