The Princes and Princesses of Love 5: Léna displayed by Wilson, her suitor, he tackles her and it’s violent

The Princes and Princesses of Love 5

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Credits: W9

Nothing is going well for Léna in The Princes and Princesses of Love 5. We explain why right here.

After turning around for several days, Léna and Adrien ended up kissing for the first time in front of the cameras of the Princes and Princesses of Love 5. And in the interview room, the young woman was delighted with this moment, even if she was a little embarrassed. She said: “I’m very happy, really. This kiss means for me that we are going through the process of telling ourselves clearly that we may want to go further”. For his part, Adrien said: “We were waiting for this, we were waiting to share this stuff. No one exists anymore, there’s nothing around and we just want to enjoy her and me.”

A kiss that makes people talk! — Credit(s): Guillaume Mirand, W9

And when Neylson returned to the villa, the former Marseillais candidate decided to assume everything. And she admits to having kissed Adrien the day before. A little shocked Neylson then asked him: “Did you kiss or did you wash his palate? Because there are two different things in fact. We saw a video and it lasts 1 minute 30. Concretely, he was in your esophagus! He gave you a PCR test, he washed you all there! Concretely, he washed your throat!”. And Neylson is not at the end of his surprises, since he learns that Léna and Adrien slept together… A blow !

Neylson is disappointed

In the interview room, the young man then shows his disappointment. He says : “At the point where we are … That there is the galosh, the night and even more, it does not concern me anymore. I have the impression that I fought in the wind. There is no not much to say actually.” From her side, Léna just wanted to hide in a mouse hole… But it was the night of the favorites and his favorite was Adrien! And there is another who wanted to hide in this episode, it’s Nathan… The young man declares his love for Pauline, while behind everyone’s back, he flirts with Tristan’s suitor… In the villa of LPDLA5, the problems set in!

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