The Princes and Princesses of Love 5: Isabeau fails Illan severe before leaving for the adventure

The Princes and Princesses of Love 5

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Illan chooses to stay in the adventure and sacrifice that of Isabeau. Choice that she will make him regret quickly.

While we learn that there is a week of difference between the departure of Isabeau and the appointment given by Illan, Isabeau failed Illan as it should in the last episode of The Princes and Princesses of Love. Indeed, the Prince chose to sacrifice the adventure of Isabeau while he nevertheless assured him that he loved her. A choice that turns the whole house against Illan who does not manage to understand his gesture. Isabeau is quickly overwhelmed by her demeanor and her need to always do “son show” in front of the camera, Illan is therefore not sincere and just wishing to save screen time. She does not hesitate to reject him during the meeting that Illan proposed to her.

Isabeau et Illan – Credit (s): instagram @ isabeau.delatour

During this famous meeting between the two exes, Illan makes a stammering statement to Isabeau. It begins with: “You wanted acts” and kneels in front Isabeau who reacts quickly, takes the ring in her hands and throws it. Ouch … She puts it in his face that this is not the marriage she wants and that once again he just wants to do “son show” in front of the cameras. She turns on her heels and walks off again, leaving Illan alone at the restaurant. The young woman is angry and lets it be known to the one she loves. Moreover, before kneeling on the ground, Illan tells him “I’m going to do something I’ve never done before”, except that he had already proposed another woman in marriage before Isabeau.

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Illan’s hypocrisy annoys

The whole house turned on Illan, annoyed by his behavior. It is Léna and the boys who will be heard the most, announcing to be disappointed with his attitude towards Isabeau. Nothing is going well in the villa of Princes and Princesses, everything has to be done again for Illan and Isabeau who are no longer together. Illan does not seem to understand what Isabeau wanted, so it is well and truly over between the two candidates.

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