The Princes and Princesses of love 5: Illan’s ring added to the assembly? These pictures prove it

The Princes and Princesses of Love 5

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Credits: Instagram shayaratv, illancto

What if Illan’s marriage proposal to Isabeau was fake? A video sows doubt …

The last episode of Princes and Princesses 5 has clearly made the buzz on social networks! If you haven’t seen him, know that Illan proposed to Isabeau. But when the young woman saw that he was on one knee, she stopped everything! She even took the ring and its case to rock them … But the Instagram account @shayaratv took a good look at this scene and for him, there was no ring! By zooming in a bit and slowing this sequence down, he noticed that the ring was added to the edit by the production. Which would imply that this request would be totally false … We could then think thatIllan and Isabeau had staged all this before the shooting!

Illan and Isabeau – Credit (s): Instagram isabeau.delatour

And following the broadcast of this scene, blogger Aqababe revealed that Illan and Isabeau would no longer appear on the show. On his Instagram story, he explains: “From when you see the decision making to the date, there’s actually a week of filming going on, which equates to two weeks of TV airing. In Wednesday’s teaser, we don’t see them at all. ! The prod decided to cut the whole story of Isabeau and Illan. It ended with the throwing of Isabeau’s ring. In reality, she had reconsidered her decision and had accepted Illan’s marriage proposal. He even had writes a song for her! In the end, you’re going to stay on Illan’s ISABOWWWW “.

Illan disappointed with the editing of the episodes

For his part, Illan pushed back against the production of Princes and Princesses of Love 5. On the social network, he said: “They cut everything in the editing! I’ve been doing TV for 6 years and I’ve never talked about any editing … But this is playing with people’s privacy. And I know very well. well why it was cut. Never, I’m going to denigrate W9. They gave me something to eat. On the other hand, Les Princes has been beating me twice! There, I’m not letting go. “ It is certain that now, Illan will no longer do TV with the production of Princes and Princesses of Love 5 !

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