The Princes and Princesses of Love 5: Illan ready for anything for Isabeau, this incredible hilarious gesture cut during the editing

The Princes and Princesses of Love 5

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Credit: Instagram Aqababe

Illan is really ready to do anything to win back Isabeau … We reveal to you what he did for the one he loves.

In love with Isabeau? Not in love with her? Illan begins to drive everyone crazy, be it his suitors, the villa, Isabeau and even internet users. A situation that begins to annoy more than one. While Illan has chosen to sacrifice his ex’s adventure rather than his own, he quickly regrets his decision. He then arranges to meet Isabeau in a restaurant in order to try to win her back again. Strategy that does not work if we believe the pictures. Only, everything was not revealed and Illan took out the package to win the heart of Isabeau … Really the package.

Story Instagram — Crédit(s) : Aqababe

Blogger Aqababe reveals elements cut during the editing on an Instagram. Indeed, Isabeau would have reversed her decision and would therefore have accepted Illan’s request initially. In a second time, the young man wrote a song that he most likely sang to him. We admit that we would have liked to see Illan sing this song dedicated to Isabeau. Unfortunately the production decided otherwise and we will never know what he wrote. Which vaguely reminds us of Josh’s song written for Haneia in the last episodes, the latter wanting to put all the chances on his side to seduce his Princess.

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Illan the singer

The young man’s determination is flawless! Although Illan and Isabeau are no longer together, we can say that he gave everything to win Isabeau back. The production of Princes and Princesses of Love chose to cut a good part of the story in order to show only the departure of Isabeau and show it as being final. Why such a decision ? We don’t know more yet. Appointment, however, Wednesday January 12 to discover a new episode of Princes and Princesses of Love, on W9.

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