The Princes and Princesses of Love 5: Illan blurred in the episodes following the controversy? This video says it all

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For the past few days, Illan has been in the spotlight as he is accused of sexual assault, and the production of Princes and Princesses of Love 5 is said to be on the verge of removing him from the episodes. The emblematic candidate was to make his comeback as a prince on W9, but his participation would be according to rumors currently circulating on the web called into question by this huge controversy. If the production has not yet spoken officially on this subject, this video seems to say a lot about the choice that W9 has made regarding Illan for the moment.… The writing of melty tells you more below.

In this video shared by W9’s Instagram account, we can discover an excerpt from Princes and Princesses of Love 5 whose airing begins on Monday, November 29. We see for the first time Alexia, a contender with whom Nathan had a little affair and who intends to get him back… If the two candidates are at the heart of the images, we can see Illan on several occasions in a gust of wind!

The reaction of Internet users

In the comments, Internet users react to Illan’s presence on this extract and balance: “#BoycottIllan”, “Pardon? But the alleged culprit is in the editing? This is inadmissible”, “I dream or there is Illan”, “Boycott there is Illan it is not tolerable after all of which he is accused c ‘is shameful W9 “On the contrary, some Internet users seem happy to find it ! Also discover here the message of support that Isabeau wrote to Illan from LPDLA9 during his controversy.

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