The price of unequal energy according to the regions in Belgium: the Walloon pays up to 500€ more than the Flemish per year!

On the site, we encode our data. A family of 4, with an average electricity consumption of 4,500 kWh/year and a single-hour meter. We only change our locality of residence: Antwerp, Liège, Verviers, Tournai, Brussels or Charleroi… The offer which stands out as the more advantageous is always the same: TotalEnergies’ “Pixel” variable contract. On the other hand, the monthly installments and the total cost vary greatly depending on the region…

The exercise is even more obvious if you have a joint gas and electricity supply contract. For a family that still consumes 4,500 kWh/year and 25,000 kWh of natural gas, the monthly bill goes from €395 in Antwerp to €440 in Verviers… That is a difference over one year of more than 500 euros

Here is the price comparison according to several regions (infographic)

Synergrid, the Federation of Electricity and Gas Network Operators in Belgium, explains the reason for these price differences here

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