The president of the Flemish socialists, Conner Rousseau, hospitalized in emergency for a kidney problem: “I am furious, sad and especially disappointed”

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It was the president of the Flemish Socialists who himself announced it this Saturday on Facebook. For his birthday, Conner Rousseau was rushed to hospital for the second time in two weeks. Suffering from a kidney cyst, he will have to be operated on in December.

Party spokesman Niels Pattyn confirmed the emergency admission and explained that Conner Rousseau was having problems with a cyst on his kidneys. “Sometimes the president has severe pain. Because of excess work, lack of sleep and stress, it arises regularly, ”she explains. “Then you have to put it on baxter to control the pain. “

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Following this announcement, many messages of support arrived at the bedside of the Socialist President. But not everyone had this kindness. Conner Rousseau’s sister confirms it by pushing a rant on Twitter this Sunday. “I am furious, sad and above all disappointed,” she begins by explaining.

The reason ? Insulting and nasty messages for the patient. “People are laughing because my brother was admitted to the emergency room. The reactions of some people are disgusting. I am not asking to vote for him and to agree 100% with his political views. I just ask for RESPECT! », She hammers.

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