The Predator: The Hunt ending has a connection to the franchise’s great mystery

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The Predator: The Hunt is the new film in the famous franchise that began with the feature film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The ending of the work has a connection with a long-standing mystery of this universe.

The new film revolves around Naru (Amber Midthunder), a young Comanche warrior who dreams of being a hunter but is denied the opportunity because she is a woman. However, the Predator’s arrival near her home gives Naru the ideal opportunity to prove her worth.

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Although it is set in 1719, the feature film features references to The Predator franchise and the biggest one comes at the end, creating a link to The Predator 2.

During the Predator hunt, Naru and his brother Taabe (Dakota Beevers) are captured by a group of fur trappers. The hunters intend to use the two as bait to lure the alien so they can kill it, but the plan doesn’t go as they hope.

Naru and Taabe escape, and when she goes back to the hunters’ camp to get her dog, she finds one of the hunters. He’s still alive, but just barely, and he gives you a pistol to protect them both.

Unfortunately, Taabe is killed by the Predator. However, she discovered a way to trick the creature. Using an orange blossom that cools her blood, Naru approaches the Predator and lures him into a trap where she manages to remove his helmet, which she uses to make the Predator target itself.

Naru returns to her camp, is reunited with her mother, and becomes a Huntress after she presents the Warchief with the Predator’s head and pistol. When the War Chief looks at it, we see an important inscription on the weapon “Raphael Adolini 1715” that tells us that this is no ordinary pistol.

Connection with The Predator 2

At the end of The Predator 2, Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) is given a flintlock pistol, inscribed “Raphael Adolini 1715”, from Greyback after he proved himself by killing the Predator.

It was unclear how the alien got his hands on an antique pistol or why it was treasured enough to be gifted to a worthy enemy. That mystery finally ends in The Predator: The Hunt.

Interestingly, this mystery has already been addressed in a comic book released in July 1996 called Predator: 1718, as pointed out by Digital Spy.

The story – set in 1718, as the title makes clear – has apparently solved the mystery of how Greyback ended up with the pistol. In it, Adolini faced a riot over a gold box his crew stole from a church, much to his anger.

Adolini fought his crew, and an watching Predator decided to join the battle and fight him. With most of the crew dead, the Predator turned his attention to Adolini and prepared to find out if he was a worthy warrior, only for the last living crew member to shoot him in the back.

The Predator killed the rest of the crew, and as Adolini was dying, he gave the creature his flintlock pistol. It’s like two centuries later, the pistol ended up in Greyback’s possession to give to Harrigan.

However, it now seems uncertain whether this story is officially canon in the Predator franchise.

It is possible that the hunters encountered the same Predator that fought Adolini, killing him and taking the pistol. But in the new movie it looks like they didn’t quite know how to deal with the alien, so it’s unlikely.

A clearer explanation would be that the story is no longer canon and hunters got it from Adolini in 1718 or earlier. But whatever the story, it doesn’t bode well for Naru’s future, given the weapon’s fate.

The Predator: The Hunt is now available on Star+.

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