The Power and the Law: Discover the story of the lawyer who inspired the series

is now available on Netflix the first season of Power and the Law, a series that sees attorney Mickey Haller back in action after recovering from drug addiction, always choosing cases with notoriously unfavorable defendants.

The first season of the Netflix series focuses on the wife of a tech mogul, who was murdered in a story full of twists but still believable to the point of making viewers question what is true and what is a lie in The Power and the law.

Is Power and the Law inspired by a true story? Who is the lawyer that inspired the creation of Mickey Haller?

If you were also in doubt, we’ll help you decipher the reality and fiction of the new Netflix series!

Is Power and the Law based on a true story?

No! As realistic as it may seem, The Power and the Law series is entirely fictional, created by David E. Kelley based on the book “The Brass Verdict”, published by author Michael Connelly in 2008.

The novel is part of a crime series focusing on LAPD’s Harry Bosch and attorney Michael “Mickey” Haller. The 16th book in the saga, The Lincoln Lawyer, won a movie in 2011 with Matthew McConaughey in the lead role.

Although the stories are fictional, Michael Connelly does have a foot in real-world inspiration, having spent more than a decade working as a crime reporter, largely for the Los Angeles Times, and learning a lot about that universe.

The author of the books is also friends with reporter Dan Daly, who gave him some classes on criminal defense law to understand the legal world and be able to approach it realistically in his fiction stories.

Daly is also the author of the quote “There is no customer as frightening as an innocent man”, which became the book’s epigraph.

Is Mickey Haller a real person?

Mickey Haller does not exist, but is partially inspired by an acquaintance of the author.

Connelly said in an interview, “I kind of learned a lesson from The Power and the Law: I wanted to write about a criminal defense attorney, but a lot of people have already done that, and I’m not a lawyer, so I kind of waited until I had something interesting, so I met a lawyer who worked in the back seats of his car, and all of a sudden I had him, I had that book.”

This is David Ogden, who drove and worked on a Lincoln Towncar.

Based on the inspiration Connelly got from learning about Odgen’s working method, the writer was able to bring Mickey Haller to life in the pages of books, in the 2011 film and, now, in the Netflix series.

The information is from the website The Cinema Holic.

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