The Pope unexpectedly enters a record shop: he had to “bless the renovated venue”

He had to “bless the renovated restaurant”. Pope francesco he left the Vatican to enter a record shop not far from the Pantheon, of which he knows the owners: they have been friends for years. He stayed in the shop for a little less than a quarter of an hour before returning, where he received a classical music record as a gift.

The owner of the shop ‘Stereosound’ he spoke of “a visit full of humanity” and of “An immense emotion”, and explained that the current Pontiff was already a customer of the shop in Via della Minerva since he came to Rome first as a simple priest and then as archbishop of Buenos Aires. Francesco had repeatedly promised that he would return to visit the owners and today he took the opportunity to give a blessing to the renovated restaurant. The Spanish Vaticanist noted the presence of the Pope in the shop Javier Martínez-Brocal, director of the Rome Reports agency, who passed by in the late afternoon and filmed Bergoglio’s exit with a white envelope under his arm – the record given to him by shopkeepers -, and spread the images on Twitter.

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