The Pope surprise in a record shop in Rome: they give him classical music

Pope francesco

Rome, 11 January 2022 – Surprise release of Pope francesco from the Vatican this evening to go to the center of Rome, where at 7 pm he was seen entering a record shop near the Pantheon. The owners have been his longtime friends since Jorge Mario Bergoglio he came to Rome before becoming Pope.
The Vatican Press Office reports that the occasion of today’s visit was “bless the renovated restaurant”. The Pope stayed in the shop for just under a quarter of an hour before returning to the Vatican. The owners gave him a classical music disc.

The owner of the ‘Stereosound’ shop spoke of “a visit full of humanity” and of “an immense emotion”, and explained that the current Pontiff was already a customer of the shop in via della Minerva since he first came to Rome as simple priest and later as archbishop of Buenos Aires. Francesco had repeatedly promised that he would return to visit the owners and today he took the opportunity to give a blessing to the renovated restaurant. To note the presence of the Pope in the shop was the Spanish Vaticanist Javier Martínez-Brocal, director of the Rome Reports agency, who filmed Bergoglio’s exit with a white envelope under his arm – the record given to him by shopkeepers -, and spread the images on Twitter.

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