The Polish president discusses the war with a fake Macron: they were comedians … Russians

The Polish head of state spoke by phone about a missile that fell on a village in eastern Poland with someone he thought was French President Emmanuel Macron.

The office of President Andrzej Duda confirmed this interview on Tuesday, while an audio recording claimed by two Russian comedians who are used to deceiving personalities circulates on the Internet.

“After the explosion of the missile in Przewodow, during a series of talks with heads of state and government, a call with a person claiming to be French President Emmanuel Macron took place,” the office tweeted. Mr Duda.

“Mr. Duda realized from the way the conversation was conducted (…) that it was perhaps an attempt at scam and he hung up,” the Polish presidency further indicated.

Asked by AFP to find out if they were behind the call, the Russian comedians “Vovan and Lexus” confirmed that “we said that on all social networks (…) And we posted a video”.

In this recording from last Tuesday, a person with a thick Russian accent claims to be the French president. The two heads of state discuss the explosion of a missile in Poland which occurred earlier in the day and killed two people.

“Oh hello Emmanuel… Thank you for your call. The situation is very difficult as you probably know,” Mr. Duda said in this recording.

He said the explosion was caused by a missile “launched by who knows who” and he was awaiting the results of the investigation.

“Emmanuel, believe me, I am extremely careful. I don’t blame the Russians…I don’t want war with Russia,” he added.

Mr Duda also said that Poland was not considering invoking Article 5 of the NATO treaty, which obliges member states to come to the aid of one of them in the event of an attack. offensive.

The Polish president was also asked about Russian speculation that Ukraine was preparing to use dirty bombs.

“I am more afraid of the nuclear catastrophe”

“I’m more afraid of some problems with nuclear power plants in Ukraine (…) I’m more afraid of the nuclear disaster,” he replied.

The Russian comedians posted the seven-and-a-half-minute appeal on their page on Russian video platform Rutube, the equivalent of YouTube.

The duo, whose real names are Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov, have made a habit of tricking politicians and pop stars into prank calls.

Erdogan, Elton John and Prince Harry among the victims

Their previous victims include Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, pop icon Elton John, Prince Harry. President Duda has also already been a victim of their deception, thinking he discussed UN chief Antonio Guterres in 2020.

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