The police notice a car on the highway but did not expect what was to follow…

The attention of the traffic police was drawn on Thursday by a car registered in France and which came from the Netherlands. To ensure that it was not a vehicle used to smuggle drugs, the officers therefore decided to carry out a check… to which the driver of the car in question refused to submit.

He therefore accelerated and began a mad chase on the E19, at the Meer border post, as reported by Het Laatste Nieuws. Crazy speed (up to 190 km/h), a dozen police cars chasing him, dangerous driving… Long minutes which finally led to an accident in Waasmunster.

The driver probably lost control of his vehicle, which hit the guardrail. The man then attempted to flee on foot but was quickly arrested. No injuries are to be deplored and only the car registered in France was involved in an accident.

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