The poignant testimony of Jordan, a Fleurusien who lost five loved ones in the dramatic fire at Rœulx: “Everything falls on our heads…”

Losing a loved one is already so difficult. Losing five is indescribable. However, this is what Jordan, 29, has been experiencing since last weekend. The maternal grandparents aged 88 and 91, the mother, 58, the brother, 22, and the father-in-law of the young man, in fact, perished in the accidental fire of their house this Saturday, July 16. at the end of the evening.

Jordan says he is having trouble coping with everything. “Everything falls on our heads. There is the emotional charge, the financial aspect for the payment of the funeral of four relatives, the administrative procedures. We have never rolled for gold. So it’s very complicated…”

>> Jordan delivers a poignant testimony.

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