The plans of Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés a month after their separation

After nine years of relationship and a son in commonLawrence, the surprising separation of Marcelo Tinelli Y Guillermina Valdes it was something that few expected. The two confirmed that the breakup was on good terms and currently both are focused on their work and personal present.

The driver is finalizing the details of what will be “Sing with me now” by El Trece, and as reported the Pavada of Diario Crónica, with being single, is taking advantage to have meetings with different friends. To the extent that his schedule allows, Marcelo take the opportunity to have meetings that are good for you with the closest people in your circle.

This weekend, Tinelli had lunch at the driver’s house Fernando Mancini with many “cronies”, such as the former soccer player Alexander Mancusothe legendary Galindez and the journalist Toti Pasman. Of course, after the barbecue there was “fulbito” and at night he went to see Martin Bossy in “Kinky Boots”.

Marcelo Tinelli with Lorenzo, the son he had with Guillermina Valdés.

For your part, Guillermina returned to her apartment located in the same building where the driver lives in the Palermo area.

The former jury of “Showmatch: The Academy” is focused on creating a new line of perfumes belonging to its brand “Valdés” and closely linked to Ana Paula Dutilex-wife of Emmanuel Ortega, with whom he maintains a solid friendship.

Guillermina Valdés is focused on creating products for her cosmetics line.

Watch the preview of Marcelo Tinelli’s new program, “Sing with me now”

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