The photos you never saw from the end of “Love Is in the Air”

“Unforgettable ending” This is how Fox Turkey described the last chapter of the romantic comedy “You steal my door” O “Love is in the air”For the Ibero-American public. Chapter 52 of the Turkish soap opera was recorded on August 8, 2021 and its broadcast came to an end on November 12 in Spain, through Divinity. Do you know how the artists lived that moment and what photos they published?

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Turkish fiction, with the second season, finally said goodbye to the Spanish screen with a happy ending for Eda and Serkan, along with the family they have formed. In the end, Serkan was in trouble because he had to help give birth to Eda, in the middle of the forest, where they both planned to spend a romantic time together. Best of all, the new member of the family, little Alp, Kiraz’s younger brother, was finally met.

“Love is in the air”, con un 4,4% de share and 392,000 viewers on average in its second season, it became the most watched series and with the highest share Divinity in 2021.

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Farewells are sad and this has been evidenced at the end of the filming of “Love is in the air”. The images and messages show affectionately that the entire team had the telenovela and how nostalgic it has been for the whole farewell.

On the morning of August 8, everyone shared the minute by minute of what was happening on their networks. Hugs between scenes, the last photos on the set and behind the scenes, laughter, food from the whole team, jokes, meetings with the press and, of course, messages and goodbyes.

“It was a beautiful fairy tale … Thank you all”, it was the words that were published on the official Instagram of Fox Turkey on the occasion of the video of the end of the series. More images from the entire cast followed.

One of the most viewed messages was that of Anil Ilter, the actor who gives life to Engin. We finish this week. I don’t say ‘until next week’, but goodbye. We’re done, but let’s call each other, please “wrote Engin, the inseparable friend of Serkan Bolat.

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Neslihan yeldan (Aydan Bolat) also wrote a heartfelt message: “Thank you all, it was a great trip. Learning, friendships, new families, the chain of love is part of this work and it does not end. Thanks to everyone involved. Thank you for this dream “, the actress shared with her followers.

The actress Elçin Afacan, who played the endearing Melo, shared some words full of emotion on her social network. “I love you so much, no more words are needed. I do not want to separate “, wrote next to the image of the recording of the last episode and a photo taken when they got together to see the last chapter.

Maya Basol, Little Kiraz could not contain her emotion and began to cry during an interview with the press. Kerem Bürsin, her father in fiction, was holding her and trying to calm her down. The little girl left an emotional message on her Instagram account: “The last time tonight @sencalkapimi. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live such a beautiful project with great actors and equipment. (…) We spent 3 months that we will never forget and we had a lot of fun “Said the girl who stressed that this was her first acting experience.

Alican Aytekin focused his dedication on his character: “Bye Seyfi … You gave me a lot, very good friends, you made me collect good memories, laugh so much together that sometimes we even had to interrupt filming. It’s time to say goodbye, you also have a great place in me “.


Los protagonistas de Love is in the air ”Hande Ercel and Kerem Bürsin, who gave life to Eda and Serkan also spoke on social networks. They, more than anyone, should be grateful for the romantic comedy. And it is that, in addition to giving them international fame, it allowed them to fall in love.

Kerem Bursin He wrote the following message on his Twitter account: “Thinking of all the amazing memories and positivity this show has created in my life, the only words that come to mind are thank you! Thank you to everyone who worked on the My Family program AND thank you to the amazing international family we have become! ”

Hande Erçel published several stories, with photos and videos, on his Instagram. In one of your messages on the net, where you have “I love you, family”, the protagonist wrote in a storie with all her co-stars, and also posted on her Twitter account.


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“Sen Çal Kapımı”, the original name of the Turkish soap opera, became a television phenomenon to the point that it was renewed for a second season at the request of its fans.

“Love Is in the Air” follows the story of Eda Yildiz, a young flower seller who has to deal with Serkan Bolat, a rich young heir whom she holds responsible for having lost a scholarship to study in Italy. After meeting, Bolat proposes a deal: if he pretends to be his fiancée for two months, he will help her pay for her university.

Although at first their relationship is not good, as the days go by it changes radically and their agreement ends up changing the destiny of the two forever, in the midst of luxuries and lies.

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