"The perfect dinner": The participants all have a quirk – indeed!

“The perfect dinner”
The participants actually all have a tick

“The perfect dinner”: The candidates visiting Ina (middle)

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“The perfect dinner” was a complete success for hostess Ina. The viewer remembers something else.

“The Perfect Dinner” is actually about delicious food, stimulating conversations and one or the other mishap. This is basically the case this week in Munich – and on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, Ina, 45, was able to convince (almost) all participants with her coffee-heavy 3-course menu. However, there is one thing that the viewers remember more than Ina’s coffee filet: the participants have a little tick and actually say “actually” remarkably often.

“The perfect dinner”: Fans “actually” count

Already on Day 1 with Michael, 36, Monday, July 18, 2022, comments on the very popular word were accumulating on Instagram. “If I keep watching this show, I’m going to be saying REALLY all the time,” one fan wrote, gaining a lot of encouragement. “We kept count today…actually it was 21 ‘actually’,” said another fan.

On Tuesday there are not quite as many – but the word is used remarkably often. Ina is “actually” looking for the waffle batter, Jessi, 32, explains to Michael that the participants on his cooking day “actually” have already clarified the age question and Cheryl, 34, feels the main course is “actually” on the point cooked. “In fact, ‘actual’ was said 20 times until dessert,” writes a:e user:in on the current episode on Instagram.

Dinner is a complete success

Those who didn’t let themselves be distracted by the nonsense of the Munich week, der:die could attend an almost perfect dinner. Even the starter – pea soup with mint oil and coffee salt – leaves an enthusiastic Michael behind: “After this starter you really have to call it a day, then you get four times ten points.” But the high bar does not unsettle the hostess: the main course, coffee fillet, vegetable fricassee and waffle, is also a complete success. “Wow, wow, wow! This beautiful coffee coat, it was perfect,” praises Michael and the others are more than satisfied too.

38 out of a possible 40 points already make Ina’s victory very likely on the second day of “The Perfect Dinner” week. Only Jessi can’t quite convince the amateur cook: she gives 8 points because she – in fact – doesn’t like coffee.

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