The Perfect Dinner, the film with Salvatore Esposito from today in streaming: here’s where

From today Davide Minnella’s La Cena Perfetta with Salvatore Esposito and Greta Scarano is available in streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Chili, Rakuten and many more!

From now The Perfect Dinner by Davide Minnella with Salvatore Esposito and Greta Scarano is available in streaming on Amazon Prime video, Chili, Rakuten, Timvision, Infinity, Googleplay, Apple, CG digital and soon on Sky Primafila.

Suspence, action, comedy and a pinch of romance for the adventures of Carmine (Salvatore Esposito), a good-hearted Camorra man who runs a restaurant to launder dirty money and who clashes and finds himself collaborating with Consuelo (Greta Scarano), a grumpy and talented chef in pursuit of perfection. A reckless climb to success: the Camorra, haute cuisine and sentiments will end up mixing in a relentless fight against severe critics and dangerous criminals.

The love for food and the dream of winning a Michelin star will give both of them a second chance and an opportunity for redemption. Thanks to the collaboration with the starred chef Cristina Bowerman, the third protagonist of the film is cooking with her art made of flavors, lived stories, feelings: grandma’s pasta with potatoes is more powerful than any firearm. Gianluca Colucci (Fru dei Jackal) and Gianfranco Gallo complete the cast.

The perfect dinner: Greta Scarano and Salvatore Esposito in a sequence

The perfect dinner, produced by Fulvio and Federica Lucisano, is an Italian International Film – Gruppo Lucisano and Vision Distribution production. Author of the story is Stefano Sardo, who signs the screenplay together with Gianluca Bernardini and Giordana Mari, with the collaboration of Salvatore Esposito. The perfect dinner will be distributed in Italy and around the world by Vision Distribution.

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