"The perfect dinner": Hostess treats herself to a bottle of wine while cooking

“The perfect dinner”
Hostess treats herself to a bottle of wine while cooking

“The perfect dinner” candidate Josi during the preparations.

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“The Perfect Dinner” is boozy this time. Hostess and amateur cook Josi doesn’t just go full throttle with the starter.

“The perfect dinner” hobby cook Josi, 28, was allowed to swing the wooden spoon on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. She can quell her nervousness with a good bottle of wine while cooking and a “Mexikaner” shot (consisting of schnapps, tomato juice and Tabasco sauce) – on the latter she also invites the camera team to greet them, and they gratefully accept. “There’s a shot with every course and as an aperitif,” announces Josi. She gets the points of the evening from the other participants in the “Week of Diversity” mainly because of the good atmosphere.

“The perfect dinner”: Vegan is not Josi’s thing

The evening already begins for the guests, soaked in alcohol, because as an aperitif, Josi Lillet Wildberry and “Wodka ahoi” are enough – a shot of schnapps goes directly into the fizzy bag because there aren’t enough glasses. Incidentally, the drink is Josi’s absolute favourite. As a starter, the influencer and pop singer serves “Full Throttle” – a tomato soup with an extra shot of gin and gin cream on top. “Great, you can eat it and drink it at the same time,” is Josi’s opinion of her work. For Steph, 29, the gin in the soup is “a plus”


The hostess also has a premiere with the main course, she was very shocked when she found out on the first day of the “The Perfect Dinner” week at Max, 35, that there were some vegans in the group. She, who herself likes to eat minced meat with onions, wasn’t quite prepared for that. Without further ado, the main course was pork medallions for some and kohlrabi schnitzel for the others, which she has never done before (let alone knew what kohlrabi is). Max appreciates the gesture, even if the generally delicious schnitzel was partly burnt: “I had to scrape off part of the breading because it was really black.”

There are points for a good hostess

The dessert, the chocolate cake with a liquid core, was well received by the other participants. “It was really tasty,” is Max’s summary. And Steph, who doesn’t really like sweet food, ate the cake completely.

The mood is good, the level is high – the latter has also been Josi’s declared goal from the start: “The most important thing for me is that all guests have a blood alcohol content of at least three thousand.” With the amount of different shots and wine, she should have succeeded in part. The other participants award a sociable 36 out of 40 possible points, putting Josi in second place.

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