"The perfect dinner": High pressure on hostess: "I am devastated"

“The perfect dinner”
High pressure on hostess: “I’m devastated”

“The perfect dinner”: The participants in the “Diversity Week” with hostess Kathy (centre).

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“The Perfect Dinner” candidate Kathy invites you to an Italian evening. Unfortunately, the dinner does not really want to succeed. The guests are lenient.

In the “Diversity Week”, “The Perfect Dinner” shows people far removed from the heteronormative concept of society, according to which all people are heterosexual and cisgender (i.e. identify with the gender they were assigned at birth). On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, Kathy gets to prove herself, describing her gender identity as follows: “Sometimes I identify as a woman, sometimes as a man, mostly somewhere in between.” For him, therefore, all pronouns are in order.

After competitor Max, 35, presented quite well on the first day with 38 out of 40 possible points, the pressure on Kathy is great. While she was quite happy with herself during the test cooking, after dinner at Max’s she is “devastated” and very nervous about her own evening. The dinner doesn’t really want to be a success for her either – but at least the other participants are merciful.

“The perfect dinner”: Kathy relies on popular Italian dishes

For many people, Italian is always an option – especially if it’s also vegan. This is probably why Kathy chose her 3-course menu: Bruschetta Classica is the starter, the main course consists of an Italian gnocchi casserole and for dessert the candidates can look forward to a classic tiramisu.

Quite a lot of her menu comes straight out of the bag – which is one of the reasons why Kathy’s dinner doesn’t have much of a chance of winning the week with the others.

During the test cooking, Kathy liked it better

With the bruschetta, Max is a little bothered by the generous amount of oil – but then takes it pragmatically: “The lip balm is included.” Josi, 28, criticizes that the bread is not homemade. Kathy herself liked the main course more during the test cooking: She used other soy mince in the casserole that “tasted more like meat”. “You don’t always have to have a taste for meat,” Max notes. Afterwards it was criticized that there was little homemade food on the plates in the first two courses. “It’s a bit of a shame that the gnocchi were also bought,” says Steph, 29.

With Josi, the tiramisu can score – but not necessarily for the reasons one might expect. “I was pleasantly surprised because it didn’t taste like tiramisu. That’s why it tasted relatively good to me.” With 27 out of a possible 40 points, Kathy also took second place for the time being on the second evening of “The Perfect Dinner” week.

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